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அந்த ஏழு நாட்கள்..

 *365 Days✈️With HFN St🌍ry*

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_*Before reading... Gently close your eyes... Feel grateful for the Ocean of love that resides in your heart... Now continue reading...*_

*Last seven days of life*

Once upon a time, there was an _ashram_ , where a saint was giving a discourse to his disciples. Just then, a stranger entered the ashram and started abusing the saint. The saint looked at the man but did not say anything in reply and just remained silent. After a while, the man left.

One of the disciples present there got angry on hearing such words about his guru. He wondered why his guru didn't respond to that man and kept listening. 

After the discourse was over, the disciple approached his guru and asked, "Guruji, why did you stay quiet when that man was abusing you brutally and cursing you? Please tell me, how were you able to stay so calm and smiling in such a situation? Didn't it anger you even a bit? Nor did your facial expression change. What's your secret?"

The saint smiled and replied, "I will certainly tell you this secret, but first, I have something important to tell you." 

The disciple was surprised. He asked, "What is it, Guruji? Please tell me."

The saint replied, "You are going to die after a week. The end of your life is near."

The disciple was stunned to hear this. It was as if the ground had slipped away from under his feet... He would never have believed it if someone else had said it, but this was his Master, in whom he had complete faith and reverence. Therefore, he believed it to be true, that he only had seven days left to live.

The disciple was very depressed. He could not   think straight in his state of despair. But then he took a moment and became stable, and contemplated with a calm mind. He then resolved to live those last seven days of his life to the fullest and so, he left the ashram with the blessings of his Guru.

On his way, the disciple got engrossed in his thoughts as to how to make the most of those last seven days of his life! 

After a lot of contemplation, he finally made up his mind to spend the remaining seven days following his Guruji's teachings and living with humility, love, and devotion to God.

And from that very moment his temperament changed drastically! 

Now, he met everyone with utmost love in his heart and wouldn't get angry at anyone for anything! He would spend most of his time meditating and remembering God.

He repented for his sins, asked for forgiveness from all those people with whom there was a rift or whom he had hurt, knowingly or unknowingly. After wrapping up his routine, he would get absorbed in the remembrance of God. This went on for six days. On the seventh day, the disciple felt an urge to see and meet his Guru before meeting his end. 

He met his Guru and touched his feet with a feeling of satisfaction on his face and said, "Guru ji, my end is nearing, and I want to spend my last moments with you... Please give me your blessings for one last time."

The saint said, "My blessings are always with you. May you live a long and healthy life."

The disciple was utterly perplexed to hear such a blessing from his Guru's mouth, especially after what he had heard from him seven days ago. 

After blessing his disciple, the guru asked, *"So, tell me, what were the last seven days like? Were you as angry with people as before?"*

With folded hands, the disciple replied, *"No, not at all, guru ji. I only had seven days to live. How could I waste them with such useless behaviour? Instead, I spent my time greeting people with all the love in my heart and even apologized to those whom I had ever hurt."*

At this, the guru smiled and said, "See, now you know my secret, and you've experienced it too. When I'm aware of the fact that I can die at any moment, why would I waste my precious time harboring ill-will towards anyone? Instead, I try to make the most of my time by opening my heart to all. 

Life is too short to waste on regrets, grudges, fights, and arguments. Life is all about forgiving and moving on. The real purpose of life is happiness. When one truly understands the intensity of this secret of life, one remains calm in any situation. This is what wisdom is all about. Live every moment of your life as if it is your last."

The disciple immediately understood what this whole plot was about and learnt a profound secret to a peaceful and loving life that day! 


*"Only remove the hatred and universal love is there."*

*Babuji Maharaj* 


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