Thursday, December 16, 2021

இப்படியும் இணையலாம்..

 *Received from an Income Tax Officer*

Now the time has come when an All India Organization of taxpayers should be formed.

Which will be the biggest Organization in the world!!

Now a Tax Payers Union should be formed in the country.  No matter which Government is ruling, without the approval of this Taxpayers Union, neither free electricity, nor free water, nor free distribution, or loan waivers, can be announced by anyone, nor can any Govt. implement anything like this.

Money comes from our tax payments, so we should also have the right to say how to use it.

Parties will keep luring by distributing freebies for votes, since it benefits them.  Whatever schemes are announced, first give its blueprint, take consent from the Union, and this should be applicable to even the salaries of MPs & MLAs and other benefits they get also.

Is democracy limited to just voting??

What rights do we have after that??

Right to Recall Any Such "Freebies" should also be implemented soon.

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Jayakumar Chandrasekaran said...

This concept portrays the mind set of feudals who provided voting rights only to those who paid land tax. Little bit of socialism is necessary to have a peaceful world. Otherwise a situation like French revolution, Russian revolution will arise.

Do you mean to say that majority of people pay no taxes?

Everybody pay at least some tax unless he is a tribal in Andaman. People pay at least any of land tax, property tax, property tax, profession tax, customs duty, GST, state excise duty, Toll, entry tax etc.

Therefore this movement is bound to fail.

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