Monday, December 19, 2022

Work from Home office..

 One of the most dreaded experience to the business world in recent times is the Covid pandemic. Yet, if there was one sector that was least impacted it was IT. Information technology is one industry where it is not mandatory for employees to sit next to each other to run their business as usual reason being not much physical labor intensive and machinery involved. Remote working came as a blessing in disguise giving both employees and employers a win win situation. There are two adages worth quoting at this point. “Change is the only constant” and “Nothing is permanent”. Times changed and the organizations started adopting a hybrid work model involving certain hours certainly in office a week. While some did not receive it in the joyest of their moods some others were elated. White collar workers started commuting to the work place. When it comes to boss subordinate relationship, subordinates does not have much to say. However it does not mean there are no grievances at all.

                                        Many corporations view some countries as market for their global ambitions and the workers as low cost labours. While the economic aspect is not a point of discussion let us view some uneasiness of an average Indian commuting to work. Most of the companies are located in the metros and A grade cities across India where millions of vehicles ply on the road on any given day. A two wheeler rider a case in point has to get stuck in the snarls for several minutes. This is an age of time, where your entire worthy life is being calculated in seconds and minutes rather than years you have lived!

The rational minds that calculate the net productive hours at work doesn’t care about the time spent on traffic snarls. The honkings are certainly no music to the ears. Every rider applies his mind in maintain the least possible space between two vehicles. The evolution for Indian lungs is need of the hour to convert carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide to oxygen. The road sense in India is a seventh sense mandatory for human life in India. The scorching sun tans the skin and adds on to the melanin pigmentation. The skimming of the newspaper everyday reveals at least two mishaps on the way to work wherein the blood flows on the road. The condition of the vehicle and paper work has to be the best to avoid any occurrences of breakdown and police booking under traffic related offences. The thinking of all the riders are not in an array there by changing the lanes haphazardly resulting in dastardly altercations on the road sometimes manhandling as well.

                 The musculoskeletal system of an office commuter has to be the flawless at least up to an age of fifty eight. The wearing out of the spine health during the commute is unaccounted for. Over a period of time, the money involved in physiotherapy and herniated disc disappears in infinite universe. One is forced to believe that the cost fuel that is spent is compensated in the name of commute allowance. Cost of fuel in India is a different ball game altogether. The climate warriors ask us to travel in public transport to office thereby making less carbon foot print. Travelling in public transport in India is like jam sandwiched between two slices of bread. There is no guarantee that one can alight without the clothes getting torn and the feet getting smashed. It takes special skills to hang on the foot board to save the life.

                    Most of the staff were comfortable at their homes with good work productivity are shattered with relocation plans. Some are concerned about the money spent on house rents and PG fees. The taste buds have to be altered from home food to unhygienic tasteless food leave alone the freedom of phone usage and clothing chosen while working at home. There are several surveys indicating good productivity at home in fact it is more than the office. The employers have had a good time in work from period as well saving various overhead costs.

  In recent times, all these reasons are outweighed by words like “better collaboration” and “team work”. The most perpetual question which remains unanswered is "If a bread winner suddenly disappears whom is it likely to impact the most the organization or the family?”

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