Sunday, October 17, 2021


 *Whoever wrote , it is wonderfully written. 

 I never understood one thing that what do these film actors or actresses do that they get 50 crores or 100 crores for each film?

 In a country where top scientists, doctors, engineers, professors, officers etc. get 10 lakh to 20 lakh rupees per year, in that country a film actor earns 10 crore to 100 crore rupees per year.  

What does he do after all?

 What is their contribution in the development of the country?  After all, what does he do that he earns so much in just one year that it might take 100 years for the top scientist of the country!

 Today, the three areas which have fascinated the new generation of the country are cinema, cricket and politics.

 The earning and prestige of the people belonging to these three fields is beyond all limits.

 These three areas are the ideals of modern youth, while their credibility is currently under question.

 So it is useless for the country and the society.

 Drugs and prostitution in Bollywood, match fixing in cricket, hooliganism and corruption in politics.  Money is the main reason behind all this and it is we who bring this money to them.

 We are doing our own harm by burning our own money.  This is the height of stupidity.

 Till 70-80 years back, famous actors used to get normal salary.

 Till 30-40 years ago, the earnings of cricketers were also not special.

 Till 30-40 years ago, there was not so much loot in politics.

 Slowly they started robbing us and we kept robbing ourselves happily.


 By getting caught in the clutches of these mafia, we are destroying the future of our children and our country.


Till 50 years back, movies were not made so vulgar and sloppy.  Cricketers and politicians were not so arrogant.  Today he has become our God (?).  Now there is a need to lift them from the head and slam them so that they can know their status.

 Once , when the then Vietnamese President Ho-Chi-Minh came to India, in a meeting with Indian ministers, he asked - "What do you guys do?"

 These people said - "We do politics."

 He could not understand this answer, so he asked again - "I mean, what is your profession?"

 These people said - "Politics is our profession."

 Ho-Chi Minh got a little annoyed and said - "Maybe you people do not understand my meaning. I do politics too, but by profession , I am a farmer and I do farming. Farming makes my livelihood. In the morning and evening I go to my fields.  I work. I do my responsibility for the country as President during the day."

 When Ho-Chi-Minh asked the same thing again, a member of the delegation shrugged and said - "Politics is our profession."

 It is clear that Indian leaders had no answer to this.  Later a survey revealed that the livelihood of more than 6 lakh people in India was supported by politics.  Today this number has reached in crores.

 Just a few months ago, when Europe was being devastated by Corona, the doctors were not getting even a little leave for several months in a row, then a Portuguese doctor said angrily - "Go to Ronaldo, to whom you would give millions of dollars to watch. I only get a few thousand dollars."

I firmly believe that in a country where the ideals of young students are not scientists, researchers, educationists, but actors, politicians and sportsmen, they may have their own economic progress, but the country will never progress.  

Socially, intellectually, culturally, strategically, the country will always remain backward.  The unity and integrity of such a country will always be in danger.

 The country in which the dominance of unnecessary and irrelevant sector continues to grow, that country will be weakening day by day.  The number of corrupt and anti-nationals will continue to increase in the country.  Honest people will be marginalized and nationalists will be forced to lead a difficult life.

We need to create an environment to groom and promote talented, honest, conscientious, social worker, belligerent, patriot citizens .


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Bhanumathy Venkateswaran said...

//The country in which the dominance of unnecessary and irrelevant sector continues to grow, that country will be weakening day by day.// Very true.
you could have translated this into Tamil.

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