Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Seed card..

 In this invitation card dated 26th January from the Ministry of Defense, Government of India, there is a sentence written in small letters at the bottom, sow this card to grow Amla plant.

What..?  If we plant this card, then Amla tree will grow .. ???  Yes, that's right ...!  India has done amazing things that are hard to imagine, not only at the collective level.

The invitation card for the Republic Day Parade is made of Seed Paper.  This paper is also called Plantable.  This is a biodegradable eco paper in botanical and technical language.  A paper whose elements are naturally absorbed into the elements of the earth.  There is nothing left.  What could be better and more exemplary than this for the preservation of the environment!

This invitation card for the Republic Day parade is buried in a thin layer of moist clay, carefully watered between a little water and sunlight.  As soon as this leaflet will be distributed, sprouts will sprout from this invitation card ... which will make you grow up and increase your health ... I am proud to be a citizen of such a developing country ...

In the nectar festival of freedom, we will bury all our disputes and controversies in the soil of patriotism, pour water of honesty on it and feed the sun of hard work, then the tree of love will grow in us too.

 Jai Bharat ...

 Jai Hind... 🇮🇳

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